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  • George Benson

Djassi Africa holds second Guiaspora strategic roundtable in London with Guinea-Bissau’s diaspora

Press Statement - 17 December 2021

As part of its Guiaspora initiative officially launched in November this year, Djassi Africa held the second Guiaspora Djumbai in London on 11th of December to mobilise, connect and activate more Bissau-Guinean professional diaspora groups based in the United Kingdom.

In this strategic roundtable that brought together leaders, innovators and visionaries of the new generation of Guinea-Bissau’s diaspora, potential projects and ideas were identified in different areas such as healthcare, capacity building for women and youth, entrepreneurship, digital inclusion, green energy, smart farming, and culture. Strategic guidelines were defined for the mobilisation of diaspora resources to enable these opportunities and more details will be shared in the coming months as they start to materialise.

About the Guiaspora initiative

Guiaspora, powered by Djassi Africa, aims to mobilise, connect and activate the new generation of Guinea-Bissau diaspora’s leaders, innovators and visionaries to uplift Guinea-Bissau by fostering development and innovation opportunities in the country. Guiaspora aims to inspire and empower this new generation of Bissau-Guinean diasporans to become agents of change and active contributors to the country’s development and prosperity, leveraging their vision, knowledge, resources and networks. Guiaspora aims to develop a global innovation ecosystem capable of generating and transforming impactful ideas into scalable solutions for Guinea-Bissau. With Guiaspora, Djassi Africa pledges to build bridges among Bissau-Guineans in the country, in the diaspora, and friends of Guinea-Bissau, by incentivising them to work together to unlock the potential of the country.

About Djassi Africa

Djassi Africa invests in digital-enabled innovation and impact-driven entrepreneurship with the potential to accelerate Africa’s transformation. Djassi Africa’s mission is to empower African innovators and entrepreneurs through world-class capacity building, startup building and development, access to funding, and ecosystem building, with the ultimate goal of enabling Africa’s development and prosperity.



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