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Advancing and backing African and Afro-diasporan innovators building tech-enabled startups to solve the world’s greatest challenges

Our Mission

We envision technology, entrepreneurship, and bold innovators as the catalyst for the socio-economic transformation of the African continent and the rest of the world.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of the next generation of African and Afro-diasporan innovators and accelerate the growth of their businesses to deliver impact at scale.

We seek high-impact and scalable startups leveraging technology and digital innovation to unlock long-term value, drive economic growth, and enable the global digital economy.

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Who We Are

Venture Builders

We accelerate and mature high potential early-stage startups into investable and market-ready businesses.

(Idea, pre-Seed and Seed stages)


Ecosystem Builders

We follow a data-driven approach to embed diversity, equity, and sustainability in the DNA of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.


Angel Investors

With an holistic approach to funding, we are typically the first investor in early-stage startups that require much more than financial capital to grow and scale.

DJASSI CAPITAL = Operational + Human + Social + Financial

We focus on the boldest entrepreneurs that dream bigger, scale faster, and pay it forward.

We are pan-African with a current priority on Lusophone Africa countries (PALOP) and the Afro-diaspora in Europe.

We are sector and industry agnostic. 

Our impact is global.

Build and Grow your Startup with Djassi Africa.
An in-depth, specialised, and hands-on support across all touch-points of the venture lifecycle.

Shift Track

Do you have a traditional business with some digital components and would like to get into the “startup game” by shifting your business to a tech startup?


shift your business to a tech startup

Traction Track

Do you have a solid MVP, a value proposition / business model validated with early customers, and your MVP is ready to be launched to the market?


Have a solid MVP, value proposition and business model, with early customers and ready to launch

Build Track

Are you building your MVP and searching for a repeatable value proposition / business model to solve a real problem? Are you pre-customers, pre-revenue, and pre-traction?

searching for a repeatable value proposition and business model

Investment Readiness

Do you have a solid early traction, including positive performance and financial metrics? Are you are generating revenue and working through the stages of efficiency and scale? 

you have traction and ready to fundraise

Djassi Research

Cover of the report "Afropreneurs Report 2022 - State of Black Founders and Ventures in Portugal" by Djassi Africa

Download our latest report

Released in March 2023

Less than 1% of Black Founders


are included in the startup ecosystems in Europe.


Read our deep dive in Portugal

Released in March 2023

Join our Fellowships of Community of Builders and Changemakers. 

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For Founders

Afropreneurs Fellowship

A global support network of Black founders based in the diaspora. 

Register your interest to join the next cohort or sign up to stay in the loop about Afropreneurs.


afropreneurs fellowship and programs
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For Angel Investors

PALOP Angels

The first community of Angel Investors in Lusophone Africa (PALOP), scouting, growing, and investing as a collective.

Djassi Africa PALOP Angels fellowship
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For Female Founders

sheLeads Fellowship

Leadership Development & Personal Empowerment network to equip African and Afro-descendant women entrepreneurs with the right skills, access and personal brand to reach their full potential.

Djassi Africa sheLEAD fellowship
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For Ecosystem Builders

Builders Fellowship

An impact-driven community of local ecosystem builders seeking growth-enabling environments where founders can succeed.

Djassi Africa Builders fellowship

Our Founders

Fernando Cabral - Managing Partner of Djassi Africa

Fernando Cabral

Managing Partner

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Rudolphe Cabral - Founding Partner of Djassi Africa

Rudolphe Cabral

Founding Partner

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