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State of Black Founders & Ventures in Portugal

A deep dive into Black-led startups in Portugal


Accelerate Africa's Transformation through tech-enabled startups and advance Black Founders
in the Diaspora.
Connect. Build. Advance. Invest.
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We invest in tech-enabled startups and ecosystem builders in Africa and the Diaspora.

By providing world-class expertise, operational support, and access to a global network, so that we can build the future of Africa together.

We source and support Startups directly.

We support Ecosystem Builders to maximise their impact.

We partner with Ecosystem Builders to offer our services to their network of startups.

Our Services

We leverage a world-class pool of experts to provide a comprehensive set of capacity building  services. 


Strategic Advisory & Board Presence

Friendly Young Doctor

Capability Development


Business Model Innovation

Young Businesswoman




Strategic Connections & Partnerships


Product Innovation

Why Djassi Africa

  • We are Africanists and evangelists of the extraordinary potential of Africa. 

  • We know Africa and the challenges faced by African Innovators.

  • We bring market & sector knowledge plus a global experience.

  • We bring a global network with us.

  • We deploy a bespoke, flexible, structured and measurable approach to our engagements.

  • We believe in big DREAMS that will transform Africa.

Benefits for African Innovators

  • Increased chance of Commercial Success.

  • Access to a Global Network critical for growth.

  • Improved Capabilities.

  • Improved Operational Resilience.

  • Have sustainable Business Model & Product.

  • Become Investment-Ready.

Are you an African early-stage tech-enabled startup with a scalable business model?


Or are you an ecosystem builder supporting local innovators?


For us, African revolution means the transformation of our present life in the direction of progress.

Amilcar Cabral ("Abel Djassi")


Fernando Cabral

Chief Venture Growth

  • LinkedIn
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Rudolphe Cabral

Chief Venture Innovation

  • LinkedIn
A dream by Djassi.
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