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  • George Benson

Djassi Africa launches inaugural Djassi Award in partnership with Bantumen

Press Statement - 8th December 2022

Djassi Africa aims to empower global and local innovation ecosystems. An ecosystem can only exist if individuals and entities create the right conditions that enable it to exist, grow and bring value. As part of this mission, the Djassi Award was created.

The Djassi Award celebrates change makers that have a key role in the transformation and acceleration of innovation ecosystems in Africa and its global diaspora. The impact of their work must be recognised and amplified to serve as catalyst for the consolidation and expansion of equitable and inclusive innovation environments.

Starting in 2022, the Djassi Award will highlight, annually, individuals that have had a real and measurable impact in the increase of visibility and opportunities for underrepresented founders and their businesses in Lusophone countries.

The Djassi Award 2022 recipient is Ricardo Lima, Head of Startups at Web Summit, for his relentless effort and contribution in increasing representation at the Web Summit Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

We are honoured to partner with Bantumen for the inaugural Djassi Award, as part of their “Power List 100” initiative that annually highlights the 100 Most Influential Black Professionals in Lusophone countries, across multiple areas such as Entertainment, Media, Entrepreneurship, amongst others.

Bantumen is a media platform that covers black culture in Lusophone countries, seeking to improve its representation in Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, and São Tomé & Principe.

About Djassi Africa

Djassi Africa invests in digital-enabled innovation and impact-driven entrepreneurship with the potential to accelerate Africa’s transformation. Its mission is to empower African innovators and entrepreneurs through world-class capacity building, develop tech-enabled startups and scalable business models, provide access to funding, and enable global and local ecosystems to support Africa and its diaspora’s innovation.

Djassi Africa works with African early-stage tech-enabled startups with a scalable business model and ecosystem builders supporting local innovators.


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