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  • George Benson

Djassi Africa is taking 12 Black-led startups to Sifted Summit in London

We are excited to announce the 12 Black-led startups that we are taking to Sifted Summit in October, an event that will be all about celebrating the European startup community, bringing together leading startup founders, operators, and investors from across the continent.

Propel (Portugal / Germany)

Propel builds tools that tech talent communities (developer groups, talent incubators, training schools etc.) use to solve their last-mile problems – like connecting their members to jobs, financial services (loans, asset financing), and other perks and benefits. Propel offers this ‘value stack’ as an all-in-one platform that communities use to serve their members more effectively. Propel works with 100+ tech communities across 15 countries that serve roughly 400,000 members.

Bloomful helps women access high quality, personalised gynae care from the comfort of their homes. The current healthcare system was built on old models that fail to centre women. They bring science-led solutions to complex problems to redress this imbalance with the goal to improve the lives of millions of women by making gynae care accessible, affordable, and empowering.

Fresh Afrika (France)

Fresh Afrika is a FoodTech company that delivers an authentic tropical food experience, from farm to fork, by building a sustainable, transparent tropical food supply chain powered by the blockchain, while connecting small scale farmers in Africa to the rest of the world.

SympliFi (UK)

SympliFi is a financial technology platform that is transforming the way people in emerging markets access credit, for productive uses. SymplyFi's mission is to create economic opportunity and accelerate financial inclusion in emerging markets by radically increasing access and radically decreasing the cost of credit for the millions of underbanked micro & small businesses.

Propelle is a female focused financial investment platform, designed to get women investing more regularly and building wealth. Statistics show that women don’t invest as much as they need to. Propelle’s mission is to change this by financially empowering 1 million+ women around the world to invest regularly and build wealth.

R.grid is an intelligent software that streamlines medical research processes from months to minutes, by offering end-to-end clinical trial solutions and patient/community engagement solutions.

Tinto (UK)

Tinto is an app and workplace wellbeing platform that helps women thrive throughout pregnancy, parenthood, and perimenopause. Tinto believes in getting to know the woman behind the symptoms to tailor their blend of community, expert, and digital support to her. And provide continuous, holistic wellbeing support that adapts as she does - whether through the app or workplace support.

TeamSportz (UK / Portugal)

TeamSportz is an AI sports platform to help sport clubs reach their full potential. The app uses AI to track, measure and generate accurate performance data for the players during drills and exercises. The coaches use the web platform to understand, support and help their players’ development. Players can share results of their self-catered drills and exercises, the TeamSportz app stores their progress in an organised way, so they can easily showcase their performance with coaches and teammates.

Deep Loop is a SaaS for market research that collects video feedback, and use machine learning and industry knowledge to understand the gaps between linguistic and non-linguistic cues; to make the analysis of video feedback faster, cheaper, and less prone to ambiguity.

HotPatch is the platform that allows you to rent almost any space, for almost any purpose. An increasing number of us require flexible access to space of all different kinds, and space owners are looking to make sure they are getting the best use out of their real estate. HotPatch connects those seeking this flexibility and control with hosts that have the space that suits.

MidiCircuit (UK / Portugal)

Midicircuit is a software and music company created by engineers, designers and musicians with a huge for love music and technology. Its goal is to innovate the conservative model of teaching music and bring new ideas to the table.


ANTHILL is building the web3 evolution of LinkedIn for the Creative Industry. ANTHILL's vision is to be the world’s most inclusive and diverse home for the Creative Industry on a mission to provide a space for us ALL to connect, learn and earn with Imagination, Innovation and Ingenuity.


Join us this October 4-5 at Magazine London for Europe’s hottest startup event. Sifted will be shining a light on the best practices that are driving innovation. Top themes include climate tech, healthtech, fintech, deeptech, funding challenges and more!


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