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Djassi Africa and Cabo Verde Digital join forces to boost the innovation ecosystem in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde Digital, a public agency created by the Cabo Verdean government, aims at developing a digital innovation ecosystem in the country that promotes Entrepreneurship, Technology and Research & Development (R&D). Managed by Pro-Empresa, the ultimate vision is to position Cabo Verde as a tech island and a premier digital hub on the African continent.

Djassi Africa, powered by FS-360, invests in African tech startups and ecosystem builders by providing capacity building, world-class expertise, operational support, and access to a global network with an extensive set of capabilities, resources and a shared mission to build the future of Africa.

With a converging vision and value propositions, alongside the drive to bring meaningful and long-lasting socio-economic growth and prosperity to Cabo Verde and other African countries, Djassi Africa and Cabo Verde Digital decided to join forces on a strategic partnership to collaborate in impact programs that aim at capacitating young talent with innovation capabilities, incubate and accelerate tech-enabled startups, and develop the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, by tightening the collaboration with universities, incubators, accelerators and the country’s public and private sectors.

In a virtual event held in last September to sign the Memorandum of Understanding, Cabo Verde Digital was formally represented by Pedro Lopes (Cabo Verde’s Secretary of State for Innovation and TVET), Pedro Barros (Chairman of Pro-Empresa), and Aruna Handem (Managing Director of Telecommunications and Digital Economy at the Ministry of Finance), and Djassi Africa was formally represented by Fernando Cabral (Chief Venture Growth) and Rudolphe Cabral (Chief Venture Innovation).

In this symbolic session to mark the beginning of the partnership, key success factors, expectations, impact measures, and a strategic roadmap were agreed by both parties, with the goal to start collaborating immediately in strategic programs for Cabo Verde.

Bolsa Cabo Verde Digital (CVD Voucher) is the first program in which Djassi Africa is investing. This program is empowering 50 innovators, and a total of 33 startups, through an incubation period of six months, where these innovators will develop a comprehensive set of capabilities to ensure they have the right tools to validate, develop and launch their business ideas. These ideas, based on Cabo Verde’s development needs and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), cover critical areas of the country, such as Agriculture, Education, Tourism, Mobility, among others.

Djassi Africa and Cabo Verde Digital are very excited with the socio-economic impact that this strategic partnership can bring to Cabo Verde.


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